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Garret Kramer | A New Paradigm in Sports Psychology and Performance Coaching

The Path of No Resistance; Why Overcoming is Simpler Than You Think


Garret’s latest book reveals new, exciting, and hopeful insights about our innate ability to overcome—and the principles that govern this ability.

Garret Kramer, founder and managing partner of Inner Sports, LLC Garret Kramer is the founder of Inner Sports. His revolutionary approach to performance has transformed the way players, coaches, professional teams, parents, and organizations view the athletic or life journey.
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The Big Insight

Are you waiting on insight? The BIG insight? Well, regardless of some claims to the contrary, that seminal moment, the moment when your life’s going to change in one fell swoop, isn’t going to come. Why? Because insight—the recognition that you’re not a personal or separate entity, that who you are (who we are) is… Read More

It’s Never the Thing

It’s never the lover. It’s never the painting. It’s never the forest. It’s never the practice. It’s never the sport. It’s never the hobby. It’s never the teacher. It’s never the thing. We cherish the moments. We feel love. We sense beauty, passion, or purpose. Yet, did you know that these sensations are not the… Read More

The Starting Point

We’ll never save the environment through science. We’ll never prove a point through research. We’ll never change a mind through facts. We’ll never mend division through diversity training We’ll never solve a problem through logic. We’ll never help humanity through, well, anything. Why? Nothing exists outside of Consciousness. Everything is made of Consciousness. Nothing can… Read More

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