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The Path of No Resistance; Why Overcoming is Simpler Than You Think


Garret’s upcoming book reveals new, exciting, and hopeful insights about our innate ability to overcome—and the principles that govern this ability. Coming October 14th

Garret Kramer, founder and managing partner of Inner Sports, LLC Garret Kramer is the founder of Inner Sports. His revolutionary approach to performance has transformed the way players, coaches, professional teams, parents, and organizations view the athletic or life journey.
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Form, Function, and Injury

If you’re familiar with my articles, you know that they revolve around an inside-out understanding of how the human mind works: Innately, all of us are wired to feel the varying nature of our thinking (inside)—not the varying nature of our circumstances (outside). This week, however, I want to tackle a different topic: Why so… Read More

Five Keys to Activating Your Psychological Immune System

Most people don’t know it, but everyone owns a psychological immune system. Just like your physical immune system is designed to bring you back to health when ill, your psychological immune system will actually do the same at times of mental confusion or even depression. The trick, however, is to not interfere. That said, here… Read More

Practices, Practices

Mindfulness. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Positivity. Common practices in the fields of psychology, spirituality, and meditation. But are these practices necessary? Do these practices even work? My answer to both questions is no, and here’s why: They require thought. And thought is what causes a person to not be mindful, accepting, forgiving, or positive. You see, what… Read More

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