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The Path of No Resistance; Why Overcoming is Simpler Than You Think


Garret’s latest book reveals new, exciting, and hopeful insights about our innate ability to overcome—and the principles that govern this ability.

Garret Kramer, founder and managing partner of Inner Sports, LLC Garret Kramer is the founder of Inner Sports. His revolutionary approach to performance has transformed the way players, coaches, professional teams, parents, and organizations view the athletic or life journey.
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An Innocent Trick of the Mind

How often do you fall for this innocent trick of the mind: You attribute what you’re feeling on the inside to what just happened in your life on the outside? We all do it. In fact, this process happens so fast that, almost always, we overlook that feelings actually come FIRST—and then we pin them… Read More

Winning the U.S. Open in the Battlefield of the Mind—How Far We’ve Come

On June 8, 1986, Bob Rotella, a pioneer in the field of sport psychology, wrote an insightful New York Times article titled: “Winning the U.S. Open in the Battlefield of the Mind.” Although I was quite young when I read it, the article captivated me (the original clipping still remains in a scrapbook that resides… Read More

About Stress

In this short piece, let’s consider a few things that you may have overlooked regarding stress. Cool? Okay, here goes: Do you ever feel stressed? Right. You do. I do. Everyone does. But how about these questions: Do you know that stress has nothing to do with the circumstances of your life? Do you know… Read More

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