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The Path of No Resistance; Why Overcoming is Simpler Than You Think


Garret’s upcoming book reveals new, exciting, and hopeful insights about our innate ability to overcome—and the principles that govern this ability. Coming January 6th

Garret Kramer, founder and managing partner of Inner Sports, LLC Garret Kramer is the founder of Inner Sports. His revolutionary approach to performance has transformed the way players, coaches, professional teams, parents, and organizations view the athletic or life journey.
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Do You Believe in This?

Here’s what I believe in—and why this work is so important to me. How about you? I believe that a paradigm shift in the arenas of psychological well-being (and performance) is vital. I believe that psychological health rests within every person on this planet. I believe that there is a direct link between one’s thinking… Read More

The NFL Scandals: Time for State-of-Mind Policies

Last week’s article (http://garretkramer.com/how-ray-rice-looks-to-me/) caused quite a stir among this e-mail list. Interestingly enough, your responses ranged from extremely complimentary to extremely critical. And while I appreciate both, in this article I want to focus on the critical. In particular, these questions posed: “How can you say that Ray Rice shouldn’t be punished?” And, “… Read More

How Ray Rice Looks to Me

Ray Rice did damage. His actions were completely unacceptable. But like Ray Rice, I’ve done damage. My behavior, a few times in my life, has been completely unacceptable. And the same goes for you and the many people who’ve jumped on the bandwagon of judgment. I know what you’re thinking: “That may be true, but… Read More

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