You Can't Trust This

Today, in the self-help, coaching, or even New Age spirituality arenas, we often hear of the necessity of trust. “Team members must trust each other.”


“Trust yourself.”

But, be honest, you struggle with this type of advice, don’t you? Doesn’t trying to trust feel forced? Doesn’t it almost always lead to disappointment?

You’re not alone, and here’s why:

It’s impossible to trust yourself or another because you cannot depend on that which comes and goes. Therefore, a human being is and always will be unreliable.

I get it. My suggestion is contrary to what is commonly preached. So, if perplexed, consider this question:

Are the mind and body a constant or are they transient?

In other words, have you ever lost yourself (mind and body) while engrossed in a sport, the arts, a book, a hike in nature, or any activity? How about in intimacy or deep sleep?

I bet your experience says yes.

No doubt, human beings long to trust and long for trust. But to no avail. You cannot trust, or count on, what’s transient. In fact, it is only when you, I, or perhaps, one day, the world stops seeking trust that we’ll uncover what’s constant, always present, eternal, and ultimately trustworthy.

Inward and up,