Why Share?

About ten times a week, I receive an email containing a comment like this:

“Garret, your viewpoint that there’s no such entity as a separate self or body is delusional and obviously incorrect. If your extremist positions are true, why do you (a body) share these emails with us (other bodies) every week? Why help anyone? Why share anything?"

Here’s why:

Because the obliteration of the belief that you are a separate body DOES NOT obliterate the appearance or illusion of separation. Knowing that separation is not real does not eliminate the appearance of separate selves and objects or the appearance of living in a world of separate selves and objects.

By way of analogy, understanding that the pools of water that appear in a desert are actually mirages does not eliminate the appearance of the pools of water. The pools appear, but their reality is known.

Bottom line? When you no longer believe that who you are is a separate object, you will still experience the illusion of an objective world. 

But you’re no longer OF that objective world.

In other words, because you now understand that you do not share the limits and destiny of an object (a separate self or body), defenses crumble; the need to protect fades away. You are now in the world as Freedom, Courage, and Love. You point away from all that is personal. Away from a reliance on or need for fame, fortune, security, substances, activities, or the existence of separate others.

You surrender, you’re open, you share without caution, motive, or effort—come what may.

Thanks for reading,