Who Knows?

Toward the end of a recent event, I was asked this pertinent question:

“If there’s one message to take from today, Garret, what would it be?”

My answer:

“To understand that your body-mind doesn’t know, it is known. To realize that you don’t have experiences, you are experienced. To ask yourself, what part of the body-mind possesses the power to perceive or observe? And then to courageously admit that this body part doesn’t exist.”

Now if, to you, my answer above seems strange. Or if you’re convinced that the personal you (a body-mind) can in fact know or experience itself and a world, then right here and now let’s search for the part of you that actually does this.

Is it your brain?

Well, I get that this is what you’ve been taught, but how can a brain be aware? Even neurologists have yet to find the neural pathways that would make a brain conscious.

How about your heart? Your eyes?

How about your elbow, ears, wrist, or foot?

You get the idea.

Perhaps it’s time to consider that a body-mind isn’t the one that knows or experiences. It’s just a belief that it is. And, again, it was this precise realization that was not only paramount for the audience at the recent event, but for me several years ago as well.

Why was it paramount for me?

Because (and read this slowly) I knew that I was the knower. Yet, since it was not my body-mind who knew—then my body-mind, Garret, could not be the true me.

In other words, it’s not Garret who knows a self (Garret) and a world. Rather, it’s some other me. A true or essential Self that I longed to uncover. And this realization set me on a path of self-exploration—the pathless path of folding inward—that becomes profounder each day.

So, I ask you:

If who you truly are is of interest to you, why not join me on this inward journey back home to peace, passion, freedom, and love?

And then maybe, just maybe, we’ll be in a position to rally the world.