Where Thoughts Appear

This week, let’s begin with perhaps an unusual question: Where, or within what, do your thoughts—and while we’re at it, your sensations and perceptions—appear?

If you say within the physical or personal you (your mind, gut, or simply your body), fair enough, but how do you know this to be true? Have you ever found a thought in your mind? A sensation in your gut? A perception in your body? No. A body is itself a thought, or a sensation, and a thought cannot appear within another thought.

So, where do thoughts appear?

Hard to answer, isn’t it? Reason being, where thoughts appear has no objective qualities. Thus, it’s impossible for your mind to pinpoint or access it.

But you can consider this:

Where thoughts appear, and disappear too, is by nature devoid of thoughts. Like the blue of the sky is, by nature, devoid of clouds, birds, planes, lightening, or storms—and is in fact immune to these apparent objects—where thoughts appear is immune to any and all thoughts which move through it.

Let’s follow this further with another question:

Why is it important to know that where thoughts, sensations, and perceptions appear is immune to, and cannot be tarnished by, thoughts, sensations, and perceptions?

Simple. All of us have spent the good part of our lives tending to, managing, or trying to change what is meant to come and go in the first place. So much so that we’ve never even considered that where thoughts appear is not a mind or body and, as such, does not share the destiny of a mind or body. In other words, in our focus on cognitive fixes, we’ve completely overlooked that thoughts, sensations, perceptions, objects, and images (minds and bodies included) are transient, while where they appear and disappear is resilient, enduring, or permanent.

So, again, where do thoughts appear?

To answer, let’s give it a name. Thoughts appear within You. Or better yet, Us. Other names we give to the unlimited space are Consciousness, Awareness, the true Self, or God’s infinite Being.

Whatever name you choose, or no name at all, it’s just wonderful to know that where thoughts, or even storms, appear remains unaffected by whatever comes and goes within it.

You are the deep blue sky. You are that space. Whole, pure, unscathed, come what may—forever.

Inward and up, Garret