What We Know, Truly

What, other than the fact that you’ve never experienced an absence of Awareness, do you know to be true?

For example:

If you wake up and the grass is wet, do you know that it rained?
Do you know, for sure, that you control your thinking, attitude, and actions?
That hard work is the key to success?
That a growth mindset is better than a fixed mindset?
That a focus on process is better than a focus on outcome?
That struggle builds character?
That positivity is better than negativity?
That you are a specific religion or nationality?
That borders are real.
That human beings have the power to think, feel, or know?
That matter exists independent from mind?
That you can have a cluttered mind?
That you were born?
That you die?
That you grow old?
That you are a woman or man?
That you work outside-in?
That you work inside-out?
That your feelings come from your thinking?

The answer: Well, have you actually experienced any of the above?

Or do they represent layers upon layers of opinion? Layers upon layers of ego? Layers upon layers of dogma? Layers upon layers of belief?

All taking you further away from Truth.

All taking you further away from the essence of experience.

All taking you further away from the only “thing” that you can ever be:

The true you—Awareness itself.