What It Takes

These days, I often hear some version of the following statement:

“But Garret, it will take years to understand who I truly am; years to grasp the intimacy of all experience; years to be able to clearly explain true nature, Consciousness, or non-duality to my clients, audiences, or even my family. I have to teach, coach, be a friend, or parent. I have to make a living. I have to live my life!”

Fair enough. It could indeed take years.

So here’s an idea: Right here and now, share from where you are. Share what you know.

There’s just one caveat . . .

Make sure that what you share points to the Knower, not the known. To Source, rather than away from Source. Inward toward what’s aware of the material world, as opposed to outward toward the material world itself.

For instance: Suggesting that someone visualize success, the flight of a golf ball, or a million dollars in the bank is not the same as suggesting that someone visualize who they were prior to the intrusion of the programmed beliefs of our culture. Suggesting that someone explore thoughts and feelings is not the same as suggesting that someone explore the eternal space in which thoughts and feelings appear. Suggesting that someone look within the body and mind for answers is not the same as suggesting that someone look within the Self.

It’s simple.

For a life of service, all it takes is love, support, and a resolute point inward.

And you have what it takes.

Because you, my friend, are what it takes.

Thanks for reading,