We Will Survive

Last week’s article, https://garretkramer.com/articles/the-only-way, generated an unusual amount of inquiry, ridicule, and pushback. This paragraph in particular:

“. . . Absent of the recognition of the Being we share, not only will a marriage or team ultimately collapse under its own weight, the same will happen to the human race. We simply cannot survive under the materialistic paradigm. It’s a paradigm of disunion, thus conflict. But please don’t fear. While the belief in separation or that objects have an actual independent existence and value will run its course, Consciousness or our infinite and eternal Being will remain as is—perfectly whole; completely undisturbed.”

This week, let’s delve into my contention that while the materialistic paradigm is destined to run its course, and, perhaps, so will life as we know it—the true Self or Consciousness will always remain as is. We will survive.

But first, to be clear, while I wrote last week’s article cognizant of the potential backlash—one reader even asked, “Garret, do you care about life on earth?”—the article was not meant to imply that I would be content if life as we know it were to end or “implode.” I was merely indicating two potential outcomes. If we don’t eradicate the belief that we are 7.5 billion separate selves living on a planet of separate objects—i.e., materialism or the materialistic paradigm—we will indeed implode. And if we do eradicate this belief, we won’t. But (and this is the crux of it) either way, nothing can diminish, harm, or change the infinite and eternal space in which all things appear; nothing can wound or wipe out the true Self or Consciousness. Who we are is indestructible.

So, this being the case, why do so many of us continue to act from fear or apprehension? Why do we keep coping, finding temporary relief for our suffering, and then coping again through materialistic tools and methods? Why do we desperately seek to become whole when nothing that occurs in experience can make us un-whole? After all, isn’t fighting an ultimate demise that can’t actually occur nonsensical? Virtually everyone is running about today trying to protect themselves or find salvation—and for what purpose?

To exemplify this pervasive lack of understanding of who we are and what we’re made of (and thus our tendency to act from fear), many are on a mad-dash mission to save themselves by saving the environment or planet. But, as I’ve insinuated before, they’ve undertaken this mission void of knowing that the planet, and everything on it, is made of the infinite and eternal space within which it appears. The planet doesn’t need to be saved. Its very essence is infinite and eternal. Our very essence is infinite and eternal. In fact, it’s the belief that who we are is a finite and limited separate self that causes human beings to do damage to the environment and each other in the first place.

Imagine, then, a world in which a Consciousness-only paradigm prevailed. Imagine if the overwhelming majority of us understood what our bodies and all things essentially are: images appearing within Consciousness. Imagine if the overwhelming majority of us understood what our bodies and all things are essentially made of: infinite and eternal Consciousness itself. Would we damage the planet? Each other? Would war be possible? Highly unlikely.

Now, alas, look in the opposite direction. Turn your attention to the materialistic model that presently prevails. Although a separate self or object has never been found, the overwhelming majority of us is certain that separation is real. That all things are bona fide independent entities. And even worse, that each separate self—a self that’s never been found—bears the burden of fending for its own personal survival. How are we faring under this model or paradigm of conflict and confusion? You tell me.

In fact, this confusion between image/appearance and reality is why, rather than continue to seek relief in objects, or delving further and further into the material world, I’m asking you to join a community that’s strictly committed to exploring the underlying beliefs that inform the less than desirable manner we’re treating each another, not to mention animals and the planet, today. As you know, we’ve tried hundreds of behavior-modification techniques and motivational strategies. We’ve tried rules, laws, and discipline. We’ve tried substances. We’ve tried protests. We’ve tried activism. We’ve tried religion. We’ve tried perpetual scientific investigation into how objects interact and work. We don’t need to try harder. We need to hold still and uncover what objects, including human beings, are made of. The current dog-chasing-tail model, materialism, is failing us. It cannot stand. We are imploding.

As I said, though, do not worry. No matter what, who we truly are remains whole. The true Self is everlasting. It will stand. And, as opposed to acting from the misapprehension, insecurity, and fear that spawned the backlash mentioned above, this is the truth that experience is crying out for us to examine: It is only by knowing ourselves—the realization that we will survive, and the inherent freedom this realization spawns—that we will generate a more prosperous, harmonious, and loving world. 

In other words, recognizing our infinite and eternal nature, our Divinity, is ultimately our greatest gift to humanity.

You see, I do care, very much so, about life on earth. But it’s finally time to stop putting the cart before the horse and become much more interested in what life is, who we are, and what it’s all made of.