Thoughts, Principles, and Other Objects

If you’re reading this post, odds are that you have a strong sense that digging into the past, the future, personal situations, relationships, possessions, environments, rituals, or techniques—the objective world—is a step away from Source. A step away from the true Self. A step away from answers. A step away from peace, happiness, and love. And that is wonderful.

But could you be overlooking a big piece to the puzzle?

Namely, that the cognitive approach of plunging into thoughts (feelings and mindset, too) as an alternative is also a step away from Source. That thoughts are also objects. Like other objects, thoughts appear and disappear; they have an objective or empirical quality to them; they are known.

Sure, you can claim (as I used to) that you’re talking about the principle of thought, not personal thought. But what’s the difference? Referring to thought as a principle is the very act of objectifying thought. And clearly, pointing toward objects is the opposite of pointing toward Source.

Why, you might ask, do I bring up this topic?

Simple. When I realized where my own confusion around this work was coming from (i.e., stepping away from who I am in an attempt to find who I am), my life and my work changed on a dime.

See if your experience matches mine.

The ego seeks answers in thoughts, principles, and other objects.

The true Self, on the other hand, does not wander.

Thank you for reading,