Think You Can Choose? Then Choose This

As most of you know, I’ve written extensively on the subject of free will versus the will of Consciousness or God’s will. And I sometimes speak about the illusory notion of personal responsibility or choice. In this post, however, I’m going to backtrack a bit and make a suggestion—a concession—from the perspective of the one who thinks he or she owns the power of choice.

That is, if you’re stuck in a personal perspective and, thus, you’re stuck between choices or paths, I’m going to ask you to do this:

Choose the path that best expresses what you hold dear.

Choose the path that best expresses true nature.

Regardless of your finances, popularity, compulsions, security, or any personal justification or motive, choose the path that best expresses equality, freedom, compassion, and peace.

Same goes for my colleagues. If you’re a teacher, coach, parent, partner, or friend whose teaching and/or life is based on pointing away from what’s personal, don’t quibble or jump into the free-will debate with the one who’s stuck in a personal perspective (and, again, from a personal perspective, the power of choice will always appear genuine). Instead, simply offer something along the lines of:

“Which of the choices that you’re considering best reflects who you truly are?”

If someone is stuck between job offers, for instance, which job will allow him or her to simply be him or her?

The answer is clear.

Think you can choose? Fair enough. Just mirror true nature. What you’ll find is there wasn’t actually a choice to begin with. When you look away from the personal—i.e., toward love—the ever-present will of Consciousness or God is easily revealed.

Thank you for reading,