The Unlikely Trio of Pierce Brosnan, Climate Change, and the Belief in Separation

This past Sunday, Pierce Brosnan gave a moving commencement address at my daughter Chelsea’s college graduation ceremony. He’s a tireless environmental activist. In the face of mounting climate change, he’s working hard to save the earth. He pointed out all the issues, including those people who must be opposed in order to turn climate change around.

But here’s the thing: A damaged environment is not the result of bad people. It’s the result of the near-universal conditioning that has us believe we truly are individual people; separate selves who lack. This belief has virtually all of us taking from the environment, and some fighting to protect the environment, to fill this sense of lack.

Climate change is but one of many effects of the belief in separation. The belief that the true Self shares the limits and fate of a human being.

This is why—even though I, too, crave to save the environment—more so than ever, I’m now committed to point my audience away from the scourge of this materialistic belief. No one has ever found a separate self, object, or world. Experience is screaming out that separation, materialism, does not exist. We are infinite and eternal and so is the environment.

In fact, many of those with whom I work have found selfless freedom, passion, and purpose by exploring the infinite and eternal nature of the true Self and by recognizing the indivisible nature of experience. To save humanity and the planet, then, we must first and foremost rid the world of the belief that we are anything but whole. Survival of the fittest—and the need to ruin or take—will then be seen for what it is: an unfounded theory whose days are short.

Not on a foundation of science, research, politics, or good versus bad will climate change be solved.

Rather, we must understand who we are. It’s simply impossible for who we are, the true Self, Consciousness, Love, or God, to do damage.

On Sunday, Pierce Brosnan, unknowingly, failed to provide a substantive solution. Like we all do from time to time, he fortified the belief in division. He mobilized an innocently ignorant mentality of “us versus them.”

We share a Being. We—and the environment—are this Being. And we know it deep inside.

On the foundation of this truth, and this truth alone, will we treat the environment as ourselves so the healing can begin.