The Solution

The solution is simple. Yet, due to centuries of programming, it’s so far away. The solution is effortless. Yet, because of trying so hard to find it, it’s so far away.

The solution is different; might seem strange, weird, or “out there.” Yet, since it takes courage to break away from the pack and go where intuition actually points, it’s so far away.

What, then, is the solution to acrimony, confusion, blame, abuse, discrimination, terror, war, and all the problems that seem to drive us apart? What’s the single solution that has a chance to save, not just the wholeness of your team, organization, family, community, or school, but the future of humanity as we know it?

No, it’s not a new motivational strategy, culture, guideline, technique, way of thinking, program, amendment, method, or practice. No, it’s not a personal opinion or belief. But rather:

The MATERIALISTIC paradigm (materialism) must die.

That’s the solution, the only solution. And here’s what I mean:

The time is now for us to start reverse engineering the misunderstanding that objects (things, environments, even people) are actual entities made of stuff called matter that can exist independent of experience, imagination, or the senses. Until we do, the false premise that objects can make us feel something will reign supreme. Right now, we’re at each other’s throats in a mad dash to acquire, build, or divest of objects in an impossible quest to feel secure.

Oh, I know. Many are speaking out and discouraging this type of wayward behavior. Some are trying to teach us to manage it. Others are suggesting that objects can’t cause feelings since our feelings are only linked to thought. But, as we’re living through right now, these approaches can’t work when human beings are consumed by the cultural misunderstanding that objects are valuable, meaningful, or real in the first place.

Consider this pertinent question: Has anyone in the history of human beings ever experienced an object outside of himself or herself? I promise, the answer is no. An object cannot exist without a subject. There is no separation. That’s why an object has no power. That’s also why we can’t hurt, defeat, or ignore the plight of others in order to fix our own feelings. We’re only hurting—and thus feeling more insecure, unloved, and enraged—ourselves.

It's a universal law or principle. Humanity cannot, and will not, survive under the pretense of the materialistic or objective paradigm. And, as we continue to place our attention on the importance of objects that don't exist in their own right, we’re getting closer and closer to that solemn outcome each day.

The solution? The realization that nothing or nobody is dual, separate, or independent, but actually ONE.

Thank you for reading, Garret