The Separate Self’s Endless Ride

This week, let’s take last week’s article,, a bit further. As discussed, in order to know the world, or to recognize itself in the world, Consciousness, the infinite, must veil itself and create images of limitation: Us. That is, Consciousness veils itself with its own creativity. It seems to ignore—become ignorant to—it’s infiniteness and, as a result, the world and all things in it, including human beings or egos, are born.  That said, it’s important to point out that even though the ego gets a universally bad rap, this transient agency or activity of Consciousness is completely innocent. Its imagined point of view presents no issue at all. There would be no life, pleasure, pain, joy, or sorrow without it. But when the ego is conditioned to believe that it is an actual thing—a personal entity and not merely an agency or activity of Consciousness—there does become an issue. A serious issue. From this conditioning, belief, or misunderstanding a separate self is “solidified.” And an ego who deems itself separate will see everything and everyone else as separate, too. It has forgotten from where it came and from what it’s made. It has bought into the concept that things, creatures, and others are “not me.” It feels isolated, alone, and frustrated. From the perspective of this separate self, life turns threatening and danger lurks.

This is why it’s critical to understand that the ego is nothing more than a normal and necessary limitation of our very true nature. Sure, since we’re all apparent limitations of the greater whole, most of the time we’ll appear to be separate. But appearances are deceiving. For example, you know the tinge of insecurity you feel when you’re tempted to cure your sense of separation—desperation, envy, anger—through an immoral or unethical act? Well, that’s true nature echoing in the back of your mind. Reminding you that there’s nothing to fix. That you’re perfectly complete. That, again, separation is only real from the separate self’s imaginary point of view.

Indeed, an ego free from the misunderstanding that it's separate equals a loving human being. Understanding who we truly are represents the end of persistent frustration, compulsion, and the need to cope. From understanding, there’s no more hoarding, hunger, poverty, or strife. No more abuse. No more war.

But, more or less and most of the time, there will be a sense of separation. That won’t end upon the eradication of the aforementioned misunderstanding. In other words, while the programmed belief that you are a separate mind and body can instantaneously come to an end, there’s no end to stripping away the residue of this programmed belief.

Wiping the separate self clean, my friends, is an endless journey. But with a little bit of understanding, what a wonderful ride.

Inward and up, Garret