The Seamless Nature of Experience

Just for a second, if possible, be open to what I’m about to say. Because when it comes to perception, or the nature of experience and its implications in the world of form, this post might surprise you. It might challenge your belief system or what you know to be true. You might even think me nuts. Ready? Here goes: From a young age, we’re taught that separateness, or clear lines of distinction, represents reality. Perception, that is, consists of separate selves and separate objects. Human beings exist separate from each other; trees exist separate from the rest of nature; clouds exist separate from the sky; all things exist separate from all other things.

But what if the opposite were true?

What if the foundation of perception is a unified and infinite canvas with no distinctions (imagine the photo of a landscape becoming blurry to the point of nothingness)? What if reality is fundamentally indivisible, complete, whole, and abundant? What if separation or duality is no more than a culturally conditioned presumption? What if everyone and every object were actually one?

What a different world it would be.

Oh, I know, it’s nearly impossible to grasp. The intellect and the conditioning to which it’s prone fully overwhelm us. But, still, let’s explore a bit further:

What if, since the human mind cannot grasp the seamless intimacy of experience, it is Consciousness or God that brings all objects into apparent form? What if Consciousness vibrates, contracts, and localizes within its infinite canvas, generating the apparent lines of distinction we see? What if separate objects don’t conceal Consciousness, but essentially reveal it?

Now that would explain, at least to me, why perception appears to be something it’s not. In fact, without this contraction of Consciousness, there’d be no manifestation at all. And as you know, manifestation is glorious; its content—human beings, trees, clouds, and the rest—is magnificent. But manifestation has also come at a heavy cost. The vast majority of us have taken these lines of distinction as genuine. Rather than mere images made of Consciousness, we’ve presumed objects to be important and valuable entities made of matter. We’ve succumbed to the appearance, or illusion, of duality. And thus, isolationism—greed or materialism—is ruling the day.

However, this will only be the case until the day it is not.

In other words, if my suggestion above is accurate (and, to be clear, many have made similar suggestions), indeed what a different world it would be. Separation, division, and all notion of inequality would then be untrue. Nature would remain unscathed. Money, food, and water would be amply distributed. Even more vital, knowing we share a Being—knowing that lines of distinction are illusory; knowing these lines are merely brought into temporary focus for the benefit of manifestation; knowing we’re one—is the sole source of moral behavior. The sole source of what is truly real: peace, harmony, equality, freedom, and love.

Lastly, if you’re so inclined, try on for size this exercise I use with teams, organizations, audiences, and performers:

From where you sit or stand right now, look outward and focus super hard on objects. Find lines of distinction. Divide, separate, judge. Establish duality, materialistic preference, or a hierarchy in your mind.

But then, don’t. Look out and simply see. Just see. Just perceive. Just have an experience. Allow the seamless or indivisible nature of perception to take you where it will. Allow the transparency, and thus intimacy, of all things to completely consume you.

Now, which perspective is real? Which perspective is true? Not sure? You’ll know it, feel it, in the experience. The heart over the head. Undeniably, when we experience an unlimited, amalgamated, or borderless canvas, only Love remains. We cease searching for ourselves, for our identity, in objects, others, or anything from the world of form—as the world of form ceases to exist.

Now we are free.

What do you say? Rather than the current objective or materialistic model, perhaps a Consciousness-only model is worth some serious consideration.

Thank you for being open to it. Thank you for considering. Thank you for reading this post.