The Requirement

There’s but one requirement. In order to serve, help, or support your fellow human beings; in order to teach, coach, parent, or lead; there’s merely one thing that you’re required to know. It’s not at all complicated. It doesn’t take practice or years of study. Actually, right now, the requirement is closer to you than close can be. Deep down, you already understand it.

The requirement is this: You must know who you are.

Not your name, ancestry, thoughts, moods, body, or mind. Not your beliefs, values, or ethics. Not your failures, achievements, possessions, profession, marital status, offspring, or wealth. Not your personal why, purpose, race, gender, orientation, nationality, or religion. You must know who you truly are. Because if you don’t know who you truly are, you cannot guide those who have forgotten who they truly are back to who they truly are. It’s that simple.

Who you are is: Infinite. Eternal. Durable. Impersonal. Tensionless. Complete. Unchangeable.

Who you are has the capacity to assume the form of nearly eight billion separate selves, plus all objects and creatures, and yet always remain whole.

Who you are has the breadth to allow all of life, all of space, all of time, to play out within it, on it, as it, and yet remain pristine, pure, unscathed, and Here and Now.

Who you are is returned to between thoughts, in the deepest of sleeps, and right upon death.

Who you are has several names—Consciousness, Awareness, God, Peace, Love, and the true Self—none of them perfect since who you are is before the intellect that conjures these names.

Who you are echoes in the mind as happiness, meditation, choice, and freedom. Explaining the human inclination to resist, cope, try to control, and seek.

Who you are is at the very heart of all experience; what remains when everything insecure or temporary is lost.

Who you are seems unreal, yet is real.

Who you are is nothing, yet something.

In fact, all human interactions, whether friend or foe, whether intimate or platonic, are simply who you are interacting with who you are in an innocent attempt to travel home to who you are.

Who are you?

You are the One Being that you and all seemingly separate selves share.

And, as mentioned above, in order to help, serve, support, teach, coach, parent, or lead—that’s all you’re required to know.

Thank you for reading, Garret