The Only Way

In spiritual communities like this one, it’s not uncommon for folks to spurn the use of the word truth.

For instance:

“No one knows what’s true.”

“Truth is a mystery.”

“Who are you to say what is true?”

“Words can never accurately describe truth.”

“Your little mind can’t know truth, so don’t bother trying to find it.”

Sound familiar?

But the thing is: Everyone knows what’s true. The truth is so basic, so unpretentious, so ordinary, that it’s hiding in plain sight. And it’s the only thing that all 7.5 billion of us have in common.

What’s true?

Don’t take my word for it, I simply write the following in order to help initiate your own exploration, but here you go . . .

Nothing has ever been experienced outside of Consciousness.

Nothing has ever been experienced other than Consciousness.

Nothing has ever been experienced by something other than Consciousness.

As mapped out in last week’s article, Consciousness is the essence of all objects, creatures, and events. Consciousness is the essence of you and the essence of me. We've never known the absence of Consciousness. Consciousness has never left your side or mine—not one single time.

The truth, therefore, is that we share Consciousness. Or, if you prefer, we share an infinite and eternal Being. We are all images of this Being, within it.

And, frankly, it seems a shame that the truth is so plainly hidden, a shame that exploration in the direction of truth is avoided and sometimes discouraged or even disparaged.

Why a shame?

Because knowing that we share a Being and that all objects within this shared Being or Consciousness are made of the same “substance,” knowing that this substance makes up an indivisible whole, knowing that lines of separation cannot actually be found, knowing that it’s all one, is the true starting point for honest, moral, or ethical behavior. It’s the spirit of love. The heart of beauty. It’s our only chance to do unto “others” as we would have them do unto us. It’s the only way the world will find peace.

And further, the knowing of our own Being is the only way for harmony and trust in our marriages, families, friendships, teams, companies, and communities. It must be the foundation. A life built on the shaky ground of materialistic beliefs and methods—such as connection (why would what is not separate ever need to connect?), communication (to whom would what is not separate communicate?), managing feelings or moods (what are feelings and moods made of?), survival of the fittest (what are we made of?), or even the worshipping of a separate God—is essentially doomed to implode. Beliefs and methods are personal. They are not true. The foundation or truth that we share a Being is the only way.

In fact, if we continue down the path of these types of materialistic or personal beliefs, we will implode. Absent of the recognition of the Being we share, not only will a marriage or team ultimately collapse under its own weight, the same will happen to the human race. We simply cannot survive under the materialistic paradigm. It’s a paradigm of disunion, thus conflict. But please don’t fear. While the belief in separation or that objects have an actual independent existence and value will run its course, Consciousness, our infinite and eternal Being, will remain as is—perfectly whole; completely undisturbed.

One last reminder: As I said don’t take my word for any of the above. Explore for yourself. Discover the nature of reality; the veracity of experience. Keep going until you strip bare all of your beliefs and arrive at the only thing left standing.

Then, when you find what’s true for you and for everyone—always and under all circumstances—let’s compare notes. Rather than run in the opposite direction of truth, I look forward to holding still and checking out if my “the only way” matches yours.