The One Who Knows

Who is the one who knows?

Let’s take a look.

Not a look jaded by conditioning and belief, but a genuine look . . . at experience.

Right now, what I seem to know is the computer on which I write these words as well as the rest of the apparent objects of my hotel room here in London.

These apparent objects are known. And I am the knower. In other words, these objects are not me. I am the knower of these objects.

And what else is known?

I also know the sensation of my fingertips on the keys, my ankles crossed, and my left instep pressing the floor. In fact, I know an entire body or object named Garret that sits in a chair.

And I also know thoughts—of confusion.

Why confusion?

Because I had believed myself, Garret, to be the knower of objects. And now Garret is an object that’s known. How can that be?

Indeed, years back, this very confusion was the first welcomed “bump in the road” in my exploration into the nature of experience. Into uncovering the essence of the knower. Into the revelation of who I am.

Now, if you’re game, this bump in the road, this intriguing confusion, is here for you.

You’ve lived your entire life under the presumption that the body, a mere object named this or that, is the knower.

But is this presumption true?

The body, like all objects, is transient. It appears and then—while reading a book, while playing a sport or an instrument, in deep sleep, or in moments of extraordinary passion, beauty, and love—it can’t be found.

“It’s as if I wasn’t actually there” is a common refrain.

So, then, the question becomes: Who is the one who knows that the body can’t be found or wasn’t there?

Not the body. The body, of course, can’t know its own absence.

Which leads to these questions:

Who is the one who does not come and go?

Who is the one who is not an object?

Who is the knower of all objects—computers, thoughts, minds, bodies, and even the absence of these things?

In fact, you’ve known the answer unquestionably, without interruption, forever and ever: “I am the one. I am the knower.”

Sure, you were taught to believe that “I am” implies the body. But experience says different.

The knower is not the body. You are not the body. You are not transient.

Who you are is ever-present and eternal.

Who you are is Knowing—Awareness, Consciousness, Presence, or God’s infinite Being—itself.

Let’s keep going,