The Industry

Did you know that an entire industry—the self-help, counseling, spiritual-advising, mental performance, and motivation industry—has been designed around the suffering caused by the conditioned human impulse to seek?

Not only that, rather than make clear that seeking is the cause of suffering, the industry standard is to suggest coping strategies, distractions, excursions, and beliefs as suffering cures. The industry rightfully knows that the application of these cures correlates with rapid relief.

But here’s the industry’s game: the industry also knows that seeking and suffering will ramp up again. It knows that you’ll then turn to another industry cure. Then another. Then another.

Why, you might ask, do industry experts keep reinforcing this cycle? Why don’t they simply reveal that coping strategies, distractions, excursions, and beliefs don’t cure a thing? Why don’t they point out that relief only occurs upon the interruption of seeking?

The answer is that they don’t understand it themselves. If they did, they wouldn’t offer coping strategies, distractions, excursions, and beliefs.

It’s not on purpose, mind you. They, too, have been taught to apply these “cures” in their own lives. And, thus, they continue to seek, and suffer, just like you.

Perhaps it’s time for an industry overhaul.

The industry promotes seeking. When in the absence of seeking—seeking to escape one’s current experience, seeking a new and better experience, or seeking a new and better cure—suffering cannot exist.