The Foundation

Are you living a life whose foundation is belief?

Is your life built upon the belief that you’re, say . . . an American?

Or a member of a specific religion or community?

How about a race, gender, or orientation?

Or that you’re a liberal or conservative?

An introvert?

A people person?

A competitor?

An environmentalist?

Or the primary belief that you were born and are going to die—that who you truly are is the body and mind?

If so, I’d like to propose another option.

But first, to be clear, I’m not suggesting that there’s anything wrong with the above. It’s just that most of us, without realizing it, are living a life built upon what our conditioning has told us is true. Most of us are living a life built upon labels void of actual experience. Most of us are living a life built upon belief. And that you might want to reconsider.


Because beliefs change. They’re transient. They come, they go. They can only persist (for a while) via the grind of discipline, tension, or will. Which, sadly, we’re taught is good for us.

But what about a life built upon the only thing that doesn't change?

What about a life built upon the only thing you can say for sure is true?

What about a life built upon your very essence?

In other words, what about living a life with Consciousness (or Awareness) as the foundation?

You’ve never experienced an absence of Consciousness. You’ve never been separated from Consciousness. Consciousness has never come, never gone. Consciousness is ever-present and precious.

Therefore, rather than a belief, eternal Consciousness—and not the transient body and mind—must be who or what you truly are. 

In fact, with Consciousness as the foundation, go ahead and conceptualize, rationalize, even believe.

With Consciousness as the foundation, you’re on the solid ground.

With Consciousness as the foundation, you’ll live a life in the material world but not of it. 

A life of peace.

A life of happiness.

A life of freedom.

A genuine life of love.

Thank you for reading,