The Big Insight

Are you waiting on insight? The BIG insight? Well, regardless of some claims to the contrary, that seminal moment, the moment when your life’s going to change in one fell swoop, isn't going to come. Why?

Because insight—the recognition that you’re not a personal or separate entity, that who you are (who we are) is merely Consciousness living within Consciousness—is the most placid, and normal, experience there is. Falling into your true nature won’t bowl you over. With clarity and calm, however, it will slowly but surely ease burden and righten perspective.

In fact, since the path to enlightenment is actually a series of identical insights that strips away the conditioned misunderstanding that you are a separate self, living in a separate world of separate selves and objects, my suggestion is to pass on waiting for lightning to strike and, instead, simply explore the nature of experience or life itself. Among other curiosities, for example, you might wonder: “Is experience composed of a plethora of minds, objects, and things, or is it one seamless and infinite whole?” After all, it is this series of brief and sometimes undetectable glimpses into your true nature that ultimately has a wonderful effect on the life that you live.

No doubt, we often hear of enlightened people who’ve experienced the big or one-fell-swoop type of insight. But that’s mostly because they’re recalling past moments in time, or trying to recall them, only for their own series of glimpses to meld into one. With gradual releases of tension, they’ve woken up to who they truly are and what life truly is. They’ve seen that all of mind, matter, time, and space are actually happening within them, as them. This includes the path to enlightenment—the most subtle, glorious, non-extraordinary, and effortless path there is.

I look forward to seeing you there.