The Belief That Spawns All Belief

Thoughts happen within you. 

No doubt.

You experience a world.

No doubt.

But here’s the thing:

Has a thought ever been discovered inside a body?

Not as of yet.

Has the mechanism or pathway through which a body experiences a world ever been found?

Not as of yet.

So, then, rather than analyze thought; rather than search for the personal power to experience; rather than adhere to the belief that thoughts happen within a body or that a body is aware; rather than follow belief after belief—all of which stem from the primary belief that who you are shares the limits and destiny of the body—here’s an idea:

Hold still and explore this self that you’ve been conditioned to be.

Who is this YOU in which thoughts appear?

Who is this YOU that experiences?

The first step on the pathless path home is the realization that this YOU is not the body.

Without this recognition, there’s only belief. 

And Peace, Love, Freedom, and Happiness—the true Self—are found in the absence of belief.