Stay True

A brief story for your Thursday . . .

This past weekend, I spoke with the agent of a player who’s interested in working with me next golf season. Right off, I gave him my standard terms that my teaching has nothing to do with results or helping his player achieve personal success in any way.

The agent stated, “I was warned about your terms.” And then asked, “What’s the reason for them?”

I replied, “The no BS answer?”

He said, “Please.”

“This probably won’t be clear to you now, but once I realized that players don’t actually exist as we believe they exist (there’s no such thing as a separate self), and once I realized that thoughts, feelings, states of mind, golf tournaments, trophies, money, and prestige are not what we believe them to be either (they, too, are just images or transient vibrations within the whole), it became nonsensical, actually fraudulent, to treat any of these objects as if they truly existed and were worthy of attention. In other words, for personal achievement to be worthy of pursuit, a person would have to be capable of both undertaking a pursuit and achievement. And these capabilities can’t be found. My role, therefore, is to help eliminate misunderstanding and aimless seeking; to demonstrate that there's no such thing as a separate self or object; to reveal that there is only Consciousness. And this revelation is the very essence of eternal Peace, Happiness, Freedom, and Love.”

He gave it one last gasp, perhaps a bit of a test:

“Will this revelation help him be more charitable, nicer with the fans, even be more considerate to his wife.”


“When can you start?”