Start Today

Like you, every person alive, at one time or another, has sensed that there’s something more to themselves, and something more to life, than meets the eye.

But, like you, every person alive (if they’re upfront about it) would admit that seeking to satisfy or quell this intuitive sense has merely perpetuated more seeking. And more seeking has turned the sense of something greater into downright confusion.

That is, seeking to find satisfaction in a world of objects—in religion, spirituality, thoughts, feelings, states of mind, relationships, family, outcomes, careers, hobbies, traveling, vanity, money, activism, practices, or substances—has got most of us snared in a seemingly endless cycle of pleasure and pain.

So, what now? Delving further into the objective world is clearly not the answer. Where else do you look? What else should you do?

Indeed, this concern is common. Our culture pretty much programs us to look in one direction. And that direction is “outward.”

So, here’s a gentle suggestion:

Rather than move outward toward objects, hold still. That’s it. Just be.

Plus, a not-so-gentle suggestion:

Start today.

Whatever you have planned—an activity to undertake, people to meet, a job to complete—avoid connecting your identity to it. Avoid seeking satisfaction or comfort in it.

In fact, avoid seeking entirely.

How will you know if you’re seeking?

Simple. Insecurity. Seeking and insecurity go hand-in-hand.

For sure, it will not be easy. But that’s where your ace in the hole, our community, comes in. This community’s role is to hold each other still. When one gets lost in the objective world, friends step up, providing love, support, and (rather than advice that follows insecurity further outward) a resolute guide within.

So, start today.

There’s no step from you to you. You won’t find what you’re looking for—what we are all looking for—until seeking in objects has ceased.