Spinning Our Wheels in Protest

Here’s a question sure to surprise, frustrate, perhaps anger, and challenge the belief system of many: When, in the history of human beings, has a protest paved the way for peace, love, or lasting transformation?

I know it’s tempting. But please don’t list law changes, temporary feelings of relief, or your personal perceptions of justice.

I want to know when, in your actual experience, resistance to a current situation, fighting for what a person or group thinks is right, standing up for a concept, or protesting what is, has led to a long-term or productive change?

In other words, considering the scores of activists and demonstrations that have taken place over the years, have incidents of discrimination decreased? How about abuse? Terror? Famine? War?

Now, if in your experience, playing the part of protestor or activist has paved the way for peace, love, or true change, then by all means protest away.

But, seriously, I’m asking you to put the ego aside and take a good, long look. Is it your experience that resistance is productive in the long term, or is it a belief, a presumption that won’t let go? Fact is, there’s no proof whatsoever that protests have led to the peace, love, and unity that, deep down, everyone seeks.

To be clear, I am not a pacifist. From my personal perspective, prejudice, abuse, hunger, and war are not even close to acceptable. But in this post, my purpose is simply to prod all of us to look past our personal conditioning to what we know to be true. And then, perhaps, we’ll be in a position to prompt some lasting harmony out there.

So, here’s what we know:

When we head out into the objective world as Peace and Love—which, by nature, are void of personal beliefs, opinions, judgments, and prejudices—we help. When we head out into the world as a separate self or ego—which, by nature, possess all sorts of personal beliefs, opinions, judgments, and prejudices—we hurt.

And this knowing, this experience, is beyond reproach.

Peace begets Peace. Love begets Love. Protests? Resistance? Fighting for your personal perception of what’s right or wrong? You know the deal. More protests. More resistance. More fighting. More separation. We reap what we sow.

We can protest till we’re blue in the face. It has never worked, and it will never work.


We can know ourselves.

Know that we’re all images or agencies of the infinite Being we call Consciousness or God. Know that nothing occurs outside of, or separate from, this infinite Being. Know that everything is made of this Being, thus lines of distinction do not exist.

And what will ultimately occur from this knowing?

We’ll stop ranting. Stop spinning our wheels in protest because, from this knowing, there’s nothing or no one to resist. There is only Peace, only Love, only One.

From this knowing, we'll be ready to serve.

Thank you for reading,