Silencing Ego

This week, a short but essential post. Consider these two complementary spiritual edicts, both of which I’ve mentioned before:

1. The only true teacher is stillness.

2. The ego is not an entity; it’s an activity or agency of Consciousness.

Now, a direct question:

When will you learn that any activity (even a so-called productive one such as working hard, serving others, sticking to  process, choosing good thoughts, controlling what you can control, taking personal responsibility, communicating clearly, or building a team culture), strategically taken for the purpose of another activity (such as making money, gaining clients, feeling good, fortifying a relationship, coming together, or winning a championship), is nothing more than an outward step away from Source? And this outward step promotes another outward step and another and another.

Regrettably, what gets overlooked is that these outward steps are how the activity of ego sustains itself. The ego having its way. They're a perpetual wild-goose chase of replacing one activity with another in order to cope with, or distract yourself from, the stress that this very misunderstanding—that the ego is an actual thing that can be obliterated through more activity—is creating in the first place.

On the contrary:

To end this exhausting cycle, you must rob the ego of its fuel supply. This will not be accomplished by distancing yourself from who you are through the type of activities mentioned above. It’s accomplished by going right to the heart of who you are. By turning your attention inward.

That is, since there’s no actual step toward true nature—toward Source, the true Self, or Consciousness—an inward exploration forces the ego out of activity and into quiet; into stillness. Like a cloud dissolving into the sky, the ego then has no choice but to dissolve back from where it came. Now you are home. Answers abound. Actions are instinctive. Energy is conserved. You are free.

You and your partner, family, or team have tried and tried the exhaustive search outward. Isn’t it time to stay put? To be still? To be the most passionate, powerful, productive, and loving you? To be who you truly are?

The effortless answer: Yes.

Inward and up,