A few weeks back, a former colleague emailed me this significant question:

“Garret, all this talk in your articles and videos about who we are, the true Self, or Consciousness is all well and good, but when are you going to get real and offer some practical advice?”

“Get real.” Funny. Sort of. 

You see, actually, it’s incredibly impractical to offer so-called practical advice—methods, tools, techniques, strategies—absent of a definitive grasp of who we truly are. After all, what good is practical advice if we don’t know who it is that’s receiving the advice in the first place?

Check this out for yourself:

While perhaps you’ve gained some short-term benefit here and there, what lasting value has practical advice provided? Have you found sustaining answers or peace? Or do you keep moving from fix to fix, practice to practice, mantra to mantra, or guru to guru?

Again, absent of understanding that the true Self and the body are not one and the same, all practical advice does is fortify the belief that who you are is, and thus shares the limitations and insecurities of, the body.

On the contrary, what could be more practical than an exploration of true nature and the subsequent discovery that who you are—Consciousness itself—is not only infinite and eternal but perpetually whole, resilient, and free?

In fact, it is this discovery alone that allows you to head back into the material world and perform, not to mention love, without restriction. It is this discovery that allows you to live “all in.”

Want some real and practical advice?


There’s nothing more unreal or impractical than the belief that you are the body, and there’s nothing more practical than being utterly certain that who you truly are is so much more.

Thanks for reading,