Overlooking Imagination

Imagination is sometimes defined as: “A faculty of the mind or consciousness which forms and manipulates images.” Just ponder that definition for a minute. Rather than your experience (feelings, perceptions, sensations) being caused by people, places, things, and circumstances—is it actually possible that the mind or consciousness intuitively imagines the people, places, things, and circumstances that you experience?

I’d say the answer is yes.

And when it comes to navigating your way through the game of life, I’d also say that overlooking imagination, or the actuality that everything you experience is imagined, is never in your best interest. Why? Because this is when the game of life turns real, serious, or threatening. This is when you’ll suffer.

Case in point: Have you ever experienced a problem and assumed that it was a real event that had to be dealt with for you to be okay? Right, we all have. Then what happened when you dealt with the problem? I know, you became more and more mired in it. But what happened when you got distracted and stopped trying to fix the problem? Yep, it vanished. All because the problem was never there or real in the first place. It only existed in imagination.

To be clear, nowhere in this post did I present the possibility that imagination or experiences aren’t real. They are very real. It’s what you imagine or experience—the figures, objects, circumstances, triumphs, setbacks, problems—that aren’t real or separate entities that can survive on their own. And, again, we pay a heavy price when we fail to consider or overlook this basic, while countercultural and even mind-blowing, principle.

Inward and up, Garret