Now More Than Ever

When you get right down to it, there are but two motivations for our actions:

1. We act as a manner of seeking who we are (Love, Happiness, Peace, Freedom).
2. We act as a manner of expressing who we are (Love, Happiness, Peace, Freedom).

In the first case (which totals 99 percent of our actions), here’s my suggestion for you today:

It is always more productive, for ourselves and the world, to turn that seeking or search inward, away from objects. And we define objects as anything that is known—such as the body, our habits, relationships, popularity, possessions, goals, careers, thoughts, feelings, or moods.

In other words, you cannot find who you are in who you are not. And you cannot improve or upgrade who you are not (an object) in order to find who you are. Trying to find the true Self by moving away from the true Self is impossible, and, as we’re witnessing these days, it can be perilous. 

Now more than ever, self-inquiry—”who am I?”—is vital.

Thanks for reading,