No Matter the Ego, Head for Home

Throughout history, and in all fields, there’s been a select few who have challenged current models. You know some of the names: Jesus, Copernicus, Gandhi, King. In the face of vast backlash, these innovators or change agents have helped strip away our culturally conditioned beliefs.

What you might not know is that the work you read about here each week—which points away from the belief that who you truly are is a separate self, person, or ego, and toward the intimacy or indivisible nature of all experience—is also the subject of backlash. Why? Because the ego, in order to maintain its apparent existence, must resist. It must fortify its “humanness.” It will accuse the one who points toward true nature, the change agent, of not living in the real world. It will insist that he or she is woo-woo, impractical, or divisive. It might even poke fun and belittle.

But here’s the thing: There’s nothing more impractical and divisive, let alone unproven, than the belief that who you are shares the limits and destiny of the body and mind. In fact, understanding that the true Self is infinite and eternal, that it does not lack—that who you are is Freedom, Love, or God’s Being itself—is what allows life to be authentically lived in the so-called “real” or objective world. In other words, a productive physical life is contingent on first understanding that true nature is anything but physical.

At a time or two, you’ve had the inkling that there’s more to a body and mind, more to life, more to the appearance of separation than meets the eye. So, explore this inkling with all your heart. Regardless of ego, even when it mocks or kicks back with vengeance, keep going. If you need support, look to fellow explorers on this direct or pathless path.

To no avail, the world has turned outward to objects and others, insisted that answers are found in an illusory human experience, for long enough.

It’s your sacred calling to set a resolute example and, no matter what, courageously head for Home.

Thank you for reading,