Mental Health

Since today is World Mental Health Day, my question to anyone promoting this day, or any expert on mental health, is this:

Where would one’s mental health be found?

This is not asked in sarcasm. It’s the most serious of questions. There’s a lot of conflict happening in the material world today. You’re trying to help. But are you?

Perhaps mental health can’t be found.

In fact, the epicenter of mental health has never been found.

Perhaps this is what’s known deep down and why so many prefer to avoid discussions around mental health in the first place.

And not only that, perhaps seeking mental health—good feelings, some vision of innate well-being, security, or resilience—is the very cause of frustration, suffering, and conflict.

After all, no human being is actually secure or resilient. At best, we’re transient images that appear within the whole and then dissolve back from where we came.

Perhaps it’s understanding who or what we are, and not mental health, that we yearn for.

Perhaps the promotion of this day, or a discussion and examination of mental health in general, gives rise to the so-called mental health problems that we're trying to solve.

So, again, where would one's mental health be found? If human beings could find it, wouldn't that have happened by now?

Have you found mental health?

Perhaps it's time to call off the search.