Living Life

The articles you read here each week—indeed, all aspects of my work—are nothing more than an invitation. Rather than encouraging or supporting the seeking of solace, purpose, passion, or even love in the material world, they are an invitation to turn inward. An invitation to consider that you are made of what you seek. An invitation to examine the consequences of seeking in the relationships, activities, substances, and objects of the material world. An invitation to rigorously explore the Self.

To be crystal clear, however, these articles are not meant to recommend removing yourself from day-to-day life or discarding the material world in any way.

For example, knowing yourself as Consciousness, as opposed to a body made of matter, does not suggest the turning away from the upsets or insecurities that appear within. And in my work with teams or players, it definitely does not propose that there’s a right way to feel upon a loss or a win.

Nevertheless, some will claim that the work of teachers like me, teachers of true nature—which infers that from the perspective of Consciousness all experience is welcome—means that human beings are supposed to be OK no matter what occurs. That they don’t require support. That they shouldn’t try their hardest. That heartache is not actual.

But this is misunderstanding.

And, more important, it’s proof that teachers like me must do a better job. We must get real, authentic.

After all, if our work is about teaching the sameness or intimacy of all things, or about revealing that all objects (including thoughts, perceptions, and feelings) are made of Consciousness, of Love, why would we resist or discard anything?

Sure, in our writings, videos, or presentations, we teachers of true nature will pretty much take a beeline to true nature. We will be precise and unwavering. We will assert, without wiggle room, that all experiences, all of life, appear within Consciousness and are made of Consciousness.

In life itself, however, we must be open, non-discriminatory, and understanding. All concepts honored. Inquiry absent of animosity. No one blamed. All of it cherished.

In other words, it is precisely in light of the resoluteness with which we understand and then promote the exploration of Consciousness or the Self that teachers of true nature must set a resolute example of living life, and loving all of life, to the fullest.

Thanks for reading,