Keep Going, Keep Being You

As history reveals, nothing draws out the ire of human beings more than pointing to true nature. The mere proposition that we’re not separate entities, but, rather, a plethora of images composed of, and appearing within, a single Consciousness, is sure to bring sarcasm, mockery, and scorn.

Even in so-called spiritual communities—communities that seek solace, comfort, or quiet in spiritual doctrines or principles; communities that worship distinct objects, figureheads, or various versions of God; communities that promote the power to control one's thoughts, words, and deeds—this keeps taking place. As the ego (and its belief in separation and dependence on separation) gets wind that its days are numbered, it knows nothing else but war.

And so, here’s my suggestion for you today:

If you’re a teacher of true nature, if you’ve come to appreciate that the body-mind is not who you are, if you now understand that the true Self does not share the limits and fate of the separate self, if you realize that we share a Being—that “I and my Father are one”—be prepared. Backlash is coming.

This backlash, however, is not what it seems.

It is not war. It is not disagreement. There are no such things. For disagreement to be real, you must have separation. You must have duality. You must have two.

On the contrary, the backlash (which, as you get more precise in your sharing and in your life, will build) is a wonderful and necessary aspect of the journey home. It will challenge your knowing. It will push you past barriers. It will further dissolve programming. The ego’s backlash appears for one fortuitous reason: You’re no longer seeking solace in the objective or spiritually materialistic world.

This is why, with the support of fellow explorers, you must keep going. Keep sharing. Keep being YOU.

Who you are knows no conflict. Who you are sees all objects—including backlash and the ego at its root—as Love.

Thanks for reading,