It’s Never the Thing

It’s never the lover. It’s never the painting.

It’s never the forest.

It’s never the practice.

It’s never the sport.

It’s never the hobby.

It’s never the teacher.

It’s never the thing.

We cherish the moments. We feel love. We sense beauty, passion, or purpose. Yet, did you know that these sensations are not the result of a subject (you or me) experiencing an object (see the list above)? On the contrary, they’re the result of the dissolution of the relationship between subject and object. When subject and object meld into one. When we return to our true nature. When we fall out of our heads and into our hearts. When the mind disappears and we realize that separateness doesn’t actually exist. When we see experience as one seamless, and intimate, whole.

Sure, when the mind reappears—since it cannot access what comes before it—it has no choice but to look outward and connect a feeling or sensation to an object or event from the material world. But this connection just isn’t so. In fact, all of suffering (a habit, addiction, compulsion, or obsession) springs from accepting this artificial connection, and wayward while normal perception of experience, as real.

Remember: It’s never the thing. You don’t need the thing. Who you are, who we are, what everything is—one infinite and eternal Being that can only experience itself—is always enough.

Inward and up, Garret