It's Never Our Fault

Here’s an important reminder about the forgetting (and remembering) of true nature and the price we pay for this forgetting:

It’s never our fault.

In fact, the belief that we human beings are personally responsible for the forgetting of who or what we truly are—the belief that it’s our fault when we overlook that we’re merely images or activities of Consciousness; that it’s our fault that we suffer and then take out this suffering on each other (the price we pay)—is innocently ridiculous.

To illustrate, let’s say an actor named John gets so lost in the character he’s playing, named Jim, that he continues to live from perspective of Jim well after a performance. A friend even calls out to John with no response at all. Until, that is, the friend calls him Jim.

So, who was it that overlooked who he truly is? Was it John, or was it Jim?

It was John, of course.

And who or what is it that overlooks who or what we truly are? Is it Consciousness, or is it us?

It is Consciousness, of course. How can an image or activity—i.e., a human being or person—possibly overlook something?

It is Consciousness that creates the appearance of us human beings, and it is Consciousness that gets lost in its own creation.

It is Consciousness that veils its infinite and eternal nature, and then ignorantly overlooks or forgets that a veil is in place.

The bottom line is that for peace, love, and happiness the complete absence of blame is essential. The notion of personal responsibility and harmony cannot go hand in hand.

Rather than ramp up burden or pressure, then, let’s keep in mind:

It’s never, ever, our fault.

Thanks for reading,