Not Even This Post

Here’s a brief end-of-week reminder:

Never believe what someone else says. Not the words of famous people, gurus, or change agents. Not even this post.

Rather, check in with experience. Your own experience.

For example, just because Viktor Frankl claimed that we control our attitude no matter the circumstance, in your experience, is this 100 percent true? Just because Jesus advised us to treat others as we'd like to be treated, in your experience, are there such entities as others? Just because Syd Banks offered that a positive reality can be created by conjuring up positive thoughts, in your experience, does this actually work or is it even possible?

To be clear, what the above references are missing, what we overlook when we follow these types of teachings or words, is the context in which they were said. Perhaps Frankl, for example, was pointing to the illusory nature of circumstance, and "control" was an added concession based on the current understanding (way of thinking or perspective) of his audience.

We'll never know. And, again, that is why we mustn't blindly adopt or believe what someone else says.

Is the credo you live by, share, or teach built on belief? Or are you living an authentic life with experience as the foundation?

Based on experience, it's worth a look.

Have a great weekend,