In the Hands of Consciousness

Here’s a short and simple post—regarding cause and effect—that, hopefully, will serve as a comforting reminder. I was speaking to my colleague, Joel Drazner, the other day and somehow our conversation turned to the topic of sleep. Indeed, in my line of work this topic comes up often since performers can’t escape today’s glut of information on the importance of sleep, and how to achieve it. Regrettably, this information isn’t helping them fall asleep (actually, quite the opposite), so they sometimes turn to me for guidance.

Anyway, Joel claimed, “The more I get myself to drop the thoughts in my head, the faster I fall asleep.”

I replied, “J, when you get right down to it, you don’t get the credit or blame for dropping thought, falling asleep, or anything for that matter. If Consciousness allows you to drop thought and fall asleep, you do. If Consciousness doesn’t allow you to drop thought and fall asleep, you don’t. Everything that occurs is in the hands of Consciousness.”

Joel wondered, “So you’re suggesting that we don’t have the personal power to deliberately clear our heads or fall asleep. Makes sense. But, back to sleep, what about steps to improve it? Are you saying that people shouldn’t take them?”

“No, people should do as they see fit. Still, if they see fit and then take to steps to improve sleep, Consciousness has allowed it. If they don’t, same deal. Whatever they do, again, is in the hands of Consciousness. In fact, all aspects of experience—including actions and outcomes—are nothing more than the forms, shapes, or images that Consciousness has assumed at those particular moments. No one has the personal power to alter the movie that’s playing out on the screen of Consciousness.”

“Hmm, I’ve just seen something,” Joel whispered. “And as I do, I sense an overwhelming wave of relief—and inspiration.”

“Me too, J. Me, too.”

Remember, if something is happening, or has happened, it can only take place within (in the hands of) Consciousness.

Inward and up, Garret