In ‘19, Perhaps It’s Worth a Look

About five years back, a player/client asked me: “G, how exactly do I experience my thinking as you say I do? Can you explain how that works in the body and mind?”

My answer:

I didn’t have one.

The question had me pause. While I had been taught and believed it to be true, I couldn’t actually explain how a body-mind experiences thought (or itself, an object, a circumstance, the world, or anything for that matter).

In fact, no one has ever uncovered how a body-mind can know or experience. And this includes neuroscientists.

And yet, of this I’m sure:

I am the knower. I am the one who experiences.

So, perhaps—if a body-mind is not capable of experiencing, yet I am the one who experiences—who I am is not a body-mind.

Perhaps in ’19, “Who I am” is worth a genuine look.

Happy New Year, everyone. Here’s to a courageous journey ahead. A journey into the very heart of experience.