If Only We Knew

If you knew that no object—no person, creature, thing, situation, or environment—existed separate from your Self, or as an independent entity, what would be different? Or being that you've never experienced anything outside of your Self (or Consciousness), being that no one ever has, what implications does this fact have for you and the apparent world in which you live? Before you answer, or try to, let me clarify my questions a bit.

First, while our culture is built on the belief that objects are actual or independent entities that exist in their own right, how do we know this to be true? Has anyone ever found an object that exists on its own—i.e., apart from an observer? The answer, of course, is no.

Second, while I am not claiming that, for certain, objects don't or can't exist independently, I am suggesting that since no one has ever found this to be the case, perhaps it's time we explore this probability and its implications.

So, then, what would be different if we knew that no person, creature, thing, situation, or environment existed separate from Self or Consciousness?


Politicians would be seen with compassion.

Politicians would see with compassion.

Borders would dissolve.

Hunger would evaporate.

Abuse would cease.

People would stop seeking what doesn't exist (a better culture, life, financial situation, method, golf swing, or partnership).

Understanding would abound; as would peace, freedom, and love.

In short, nothing or no one would be seen as separate, there’d be nothing or no one to hurt. There'd only be Consciousness. There'd only be one.

Not sure what I'm saying? Not sure you agree?

Look up from your screen right now. Would the objects you see, smell, or hear be there without you? Nature, the walls in your house, your hands, the food on the stove, a loved one, are there genuine lines of distinction between them and you?

Not as far as you know. They're all appearing within Consciousness, made of Consciousness, from the perspective of You—Consciousness itself. You are Consciousness and so am I. And, again, everything appears within, and is made of, us.

We're all one and the same. It's all one and the same. If only we knew.

But, actually, we do.

Thank you for reading,