I Am the One Who. . .

"I am the one who chooses." "I am the one who forgives.”

“I am the one who’s grateful."

"I am the one who accepts."

"I am the one who suffers."

"I am the one who thinks."

"I am the one who feels."

"I am the one who’s resilient."

“I am the one who loves.”

"I am the one who’s aware."

Yet, when I try to find the part of me, the part (or parts) of my body, that has the power to do any of the above—I can’t.

In fact, nobody can or ever has.

That’s because I am not a body.

I am the one who knows; the one who experiences a body and all other things.

Who am I?

I am = God’s infinite Being,

I am = Awareness or Consciousness itself.

I am = me, you, us.

This holiday season, and beyond, let’s keep exploring who we are—the sacred answer to peace.

Love, Garret