How We Know

Do your thoughts churn outward? Do they travel to objects, others, or moments? Do they lead to resistance, separation, and suffering?


Do they do an about-face and return inward to source? To the Here and the Now? To Love, Consciousness, or God?

That's how you'll know.

You'll feel it. Sense it. Either way, the experience will move you from deep within.

When our thoughts, and then words, churn outward, the result is called misunderstanding.

When they return inward, the result is called understanding.

When we attempt to unite from misunderstanding—communicating stories, successes, self-interests, facts, strategies, data, values, beliefs—thoughts churn outward. And more misunderstanding, and separation, ensues.

This is why questions that point outward—"Tell me about your past?" "What are you passionate about?” “What are you upset about?” “What are you grateful for?” “What works for you?” "Who do you love?”—run away from us; leaving us to yearn and to seek.

From understanding, on the other hand, with virtually no personal details, methods, or specifics shared, we become quiet and draw close.

This is why “Who am I?” is the primary or only true question.

It’s an invitation straight back to source. Straight back to peace.

Absent of thoughts churning outward, nothing can veil. No person exists. The wound of separation heals; love flows free.

We return to God's infinite Being—One Being.

We know, once more.

Thank you for reading, Garret