How Far We’ve Strayed

Look how far from reality we’ve strayed . . .

In our culture and lexicon today, “I am a finite and limited person” is considered normal. “I am an infinite and eternal Being” is considered heresy.

“I am a true individual” is normal. “We are truly one” is heresy. 

“Consciousness comes and goes” is normal. “The body comes and goes” is heresy.

“The body is conscious” is normal. “The body is an image within Consciousness” is heresy.

“The body (or brain) has or contains thoughts” is normal. “The body is a thought” is heresy.

“The body has experiences” is normal. “The body is experienced” is heresy.

“The body is resilient” is normal. “The body is insecure” is heresy.

“The body has wisdom within it” is normal. “The body is the veiling of wisdom” is heresy.

“Who you are is born and will die” is normal. “Who you are is the eternal space in which all things are born and will die” is heresy.

“Come together, unite, or connect” is normal. “We are not separate” is heresy.

“Believe” is normal. “Look to experience” is heresy.

“Be positive” is normal. “I am the one who welcomes all thoughts and feelings” is heresy.

“Focus on a narrow target or goal” is normal. “Swing away” is heresy.

“Find your purpose” is normal. “Explore who you are” is heresy.

“Personal control, responsibility, or burden (and thus blame)” is normal. “An absence of burden brings harmony” is heresy.

“Seeking greatness” is normal. “The true Self is ordinary, standard, basic” is heresy.

“Love is found in a person” is normal. “Love is revealed upon the dissolution of the personal” is heresy.

“Beauty is found in an object” is normal. “Beauty is revealed upon the dissolution of objects” is heresy.

“Doing research or pursuing data-driven evidence” is normal. “Self-inquiry” is heresy.

“Investigating how objects interact (cause-and-effect)” is normal. “Investigating the very nature of objects (what objects are made of)” is heresy.

“Curing symptoms or problem-solving” is normal. “Getting to the primary cause of all problems (the belief that ‘I am a separate self’)” is heresy.

“Love as a unification strategy” is normal. “Love as our very essence” is heresy.

“That all experience takes place outside of you, separate from you,” is normal. “That all experience takes place within you and is made of you” is heresy.

I could go on and on and on, but let’s just end with this:

What appears to be real is unreal. What appears to be unreal is real. Always.

How far we’ve strayed.