Has It Happened to You?

It may not have happened yet, but it will. At some point in your life, you’ll question whether happiness can be found in objective experience. That is, can the acquisition of trophies, titles, money, relationships, or any object actually bring you the happiness or fulfillment you seek? Not only that, but at some point in your life, it’ll no longer make sense to try to distract yourself away from unhappiness. Substances, activities, states of mind, rituals, and strategies for that purpose will be revealed as the waste of energy they essentially are. You’ll realize that these mechanisms are merely layers upon layers, further shrouding the happiness or fulfillment you seek.

For most, and rather regrettably, this realization occurs extremely late in life. Have you ever heard of someone close to death yearning for more possessions? I’m sure not. At that stage of the game, the realization has set in. In fact, those near death almost always regret the culturally conditioned and life-long chase for security through the acquisition of objects. At that point it’s become obvious that answers can’t be found in the objective or material world.

Now, if you’re wondering where answers—happiness and fulfillment—can be found, please don’t. Simply cease connecting your well-being to objects, relationships, or status. Cease connecting your resilience to anything that changes, appears, disappears, or comes and goes. Cease connecting your security to anything that, by nature, is insecure. Cease connecting who you truly are to who you truly are not.

And when that happens? Well, what remains is exactly where happiness and fulfillment are found. What remains is none other than You. And, as you now understand, there’s never a path from You to You.

Inward and up,