Further Away

As I often say to those who visit my New Jersey office, “If following our time together, the only outcome is that it no longer makes sense to employ mental tools, techniques, strategies, or practices for the purpose of finding the true Self (awareness, consciousness, or meditation)—then it’ll be well worth your trip.” But why? Why is it absolutely essential that you stop trying to use your mind for the purpose of finding peace?

Here’s the short answer: The human mind, the intellect, cannot grasp or locate what comes before it.

In other words, while the true Self has the ability to assume the form of all objects, including the human mind, the human mind has no ability to find its way back to the true Self. Like the images on a movie screen that can’t access the projector, objects can't access, let alone understand, their source. Regrettably, today’s worlds of cognitive therapy and mental training say different. So we’re buying in to this methodology in droves, trying to work backward, and spinning our wheels to no avail.

Remember: The true Self—its peace and presence—is experienced or felt. Not deliberately figured out or found. That’s the reason mind strategies should be abandoned. They jam the intuitive or creative process. And take you further away from the peaceful or insightful space you seek.

Thank you for considering, Garret