Do you want to achieve “great things” in your life?

That’s wonderful.

But before you exhaustingly employ the means or method you’re pondering, I’d like to make a suggestion. Pause and ask yourself this question:

“Is personal achievement possible?”

Because it might be possible, but likely not the way you think.

Here’s what I mean:

You, like everyone, have been taught that who you are is a person, a separate character with a date of birth, name, and place of origin. Of course, you weren’t born thinking, “I am this person or character.” You’ve simply been conditioned to see from the perspective of this character.

What’s more, this character is fulfilling a role. Amongst fellow characters, it’s living a life that, like a dream, is unfolding as it will. But since you’ve been conditioned to believe that the character is who you truly are, you can’t recognize the unfolding dream. You think the character is controlling itself and can even alter this unfolding. Trouble is, because you’ve forgotten that it’s a dream, you’re pushing hard. Life seems serious and short. You sense burden and pressure. You want to achieve, but none of this effort is bearing fruit. And you worry that you’re destined to get nowhere.

In fact, that was my worry, too. Until many years ago, when a fellow character named Richard Carlson tapped me on the shoulder, and, while supporting my desire to achieve, reminded me of who I was, of my lack of control, and of what was actually going on here. I’m now tapping you on the shoulder with this similar reminder:

From the illusory or conditioned perspective of a character, the dream appears real. Life appears real. Personal control appears real. From the actual perspective of the dreamer or true Self, however, it’s all a dream. The notion of control or the existence of a controller is utterly foreign. Even the dreamer doesn’t control the dream.

Now back to the question at the top: Does your character want to achieve great things?

If yes, again, that’s wonderful.

But is your character at peace and in harmony? Is your character unburdened? Is your character capable of giving all it’s got? Is your character fit for achievement?

Those questions require more thorough examination. Because to answer “yes” to those questions, your character’s role must be to live life to the fullest while simultaneously understanding that it’s all a dream and there’s no such thing as control.

Is that you?

Are you poised to overcome your conditioning? To boldly live, and love, as if nothing is on the line? Are you free to achieve those things?

No need to reply. Let’s just see. The dream is unfolding right now.