Asking the Universe

Have you ever noticed that personal desires aren’t fulfilled? Seriously. Have you ever asked the universe, or prayed, for something to occur for your own benefit? A personal goal to be reached, a personal want to be satisfied, a personal problem to be solved? Didn’t work out so well—I know.

Trouble is, we often take this lack of response as proof that prayers can’t be answered, or that universal consciousness or God doesn’t exist. But maybe, just maybe, there’s something else at work. Perhaps the universe is actually waiting on a different line of questioning from us. What if the reason that personal desires can’t be fulfilled is they can’t be recognized by the one we’re asking. After all, God is one being. God isn’t separate from us. God doesn’t see in the personal. This means that God cannot answer a personal request.

On the contrary, have you ever asked God to fulfill a completely impersonal desire? Now that’s a different ballgame altogether; the ONE who’s asking—the true Self—is identical to the ONE who’s asked. That’s why impersonal prayers, ultimately, will always be answered.

Need a friend, partner, or colleague with whom to spread peace, love, and understanding? Ask.

Need energy, funds, or resources to help feed hungry children? Ask.

Need direction on how you can share the source of insight and resilience and thus provide relief and hope to the world? Ask.

Want peace of mind so you can become successful, rich, or famous? No go. If your request has anything to do with the separate or personal self, better to save your breath.

Inward and up, Garret