Who are We? Two Possibilities, Two Reactions

This week, a short post that will hopefully stir some reflection for you as it did for me.

It’s interesting.

Here’s what I tend to experience when I consider the possibility that we are not actually a multiplicity of beings (as we’re taught), but rather we are one being playing a multiplicity of parts:

While I still possess my personal preferences or ideas of right and wrong, I lose the tendency to blame others when their preferences, behavior, and ideas of right and wrong don’t line up with mine.

On the other hand, here’s what I tend to experience when I fall back into the old belief that we are actually a multiplicity of separate beings:

I silently blame others, and myself, for just about everything. Plus, I grapple with the impulse to lash out when the preferences, ideas, and behavior of others don’t line up with mine.

How about you?

And if your experience is similar, what can we learn from it? Especially in this day and age of political turmoil and constant back-and-forth attacks.