No One is Broken?

In today's self-help community, New Age spirituality movement, and some branches of psychology, the in-vogue refrain: “No one is broken,” strikes at the heart of perhaps the most overlooked element when it comes to teaching, coaching, or counseling:

That is, who is this “one” that is not, or cannot, be broken?

Without clarification, confusion is a pretty sure bet.


Because, by nature, the individual, personal, or separate you or me is indeed broken.

Or more aptly described: divided, insecure, transient, not even a thing.

We’re merely images or refractions of who we truly are: the infinite Being, Consciousness, that is indivisible and, yes, cannot be broken.

It’s simple. Trying to convince a separate self that it’s not broken or resilient is like trying to teach a shadow to walk.

We are not broken; broken we are. Who or what are you speaking to?

Call the separate self out for precisely what it is: an agency that yearns to be whole again. And then point to the wholeness from which this agency springs.

No one is broken.

Right on.

What is “not two” can never be split.