In or Out?

Does the world appear inside or outside the mind?

If the world appears outside the mind, then it would make sense to fix the world in order to fix the mind.

If the world appears inside the mind, then it wouldn’t make sense to fix the world in order to fix the mind.

So, which is it?

Indeed, we live in a culture founded on the premise that the world does appear and exist outside the mind. And thus, our culture keeps trying to fix, control, stockpile, or in some cases rid ourselves of the contents and circumstances of the world in order to fix the mind.

But how are we doing?

Are we living in love and compassion? Are we living in peace of mind?

Not exactly.

So, could it be that our culture’s founding premise is backward?

Could it be that—rather than continuing to search for new methods, activities, strategies, rules, relationships, boundaries, or substances in order to find peace of mind—we should ask ourselves, as I did earlier, if anyone has ever experienced a world, or anything, outside of the mind?

Fact is: No one can answer yes to this question.

And if nothing’s ever been found outside of or separate from the mind, wouldn’t this mean that everything—the entire world of objects, others, and events—appears inside the mind and is made of mind?

Could this be the simple reason that by innocently but fruitlessly trying to fix the circumstances of the world, we keep spinning our wheels; moving further and further away from love, compassion, and peace?

After all, in the history of mankind we’ve tried everything—except considering that the world just might be made of mind, not matter.

So, why not consider it?

Rather than desperately seeking solutions, let’s explore and understand what problems are made of, what the world is made of, and most important, what we are made of. Let’s consider the possibility that we’re trying to fix what isn’t there as we know it. And then, let’s consider the implications of this possibility.

For starters, here’s an interesting implication:

If we are made of mind—i.e., infinite and eternal Consciousness itself—then we don’t need to be fixed.

Are you in or out?