Always Consciousness, Never You

Here’s a brief reminder about the process of self-exploration, self-discovery, understanding who you truly are, surrender, or returning home to Source:

It’s not up to you.

In other words, you’re not capable of veiling the infiniteness from which you spring. You’re not capable of overlooking that you’re merely an image or agency of Consciousness (or God). And you’re not capable of ending the search for wholeness, security, or love in the material world and turning back inward.

Only Consciousness is capable.

Yes, I know. You, like all human beings, yearn to be personally responsible and in control. You’ve been taught that being in the driver’s seat is essential. Thus, you believe that it’s you who’s in charge of thoughts, attitudes, and actions. Including the forgetting and remembering of who you truly are.

But check in with your actual experience:

  • Why would you choose to overlook your very essence?

  • Why would you choose to feel separate?

  • What part of you provides the power of forgetting, remembering, choosing, or being in control—where in the body is that found?

You’ll search for the answers forever.

Again, you are the agency through which Consciousness knows manifestation, the agency through which Consciousness becomes caught up in manifestation, and the agency through which Consciousness wakes up to its own creation.

The prodigal son did not wander, or seek, of his own volition. And he did not do an about-face and head for home of his own volition. He was not personally responsible. 

Veiling and unveiling; forgetting and remembering; the appearance of duality and the dissolution of this appearance. These are natural properties of Consciousness.

Always Consciousness, never you.

Thanks for reading,