A World of One

As I continue the journey of looking toward experience, and away from conditioned belief, here’s what I see clearer and clearer each day:

Provided the primary belief, “I am a separate self,” is intact, we won’t know peace.

It’s also now obvious that at the root of every calamity or misfortune the world has ever known is the belief, or lie, that separation is real. And steeped in such belief, we can protest, look to research and science, try our best to communicate and connect, pursue relief in states of mind or materialistic success, present an endless supply of ideas, strategies, and mantras, even pray to God, but because we’re living a lie, we’re spinning our wheels. The lie of separation has us dazed, confused, and incapable of harmony. In fact, we keep going deeper and deeper into the lie in order to find a cure for the isolation and suffering that the lie has caused in the first place.

Even folks like you and me (teachers, coaches, writers, and speakers) whose careers are based on helping others out of confusion—they, too, are perpetuating the lie. In order to help a separate self out of confusion, the existence of separation must be validated. And, again, validating the existence of separation is the ultimate cause of confusion. And conflict. And violence. And on and on.

And now, here in the States, to help stem the tide of confusion, conflict, and violence, one idea gaining steam is to place mental-health counselors in every school, team, and organization; on every street corner, it seems. These counselors have also been trained to believe the lie. They are taught to secure what can never be secured—the psyche or separate self. See what I mean? This is the opposite of an answer. This is the lie perpetuating the lie.

And so are these materialistic quests: Reinforcing borders, demonstrations of military prowess, retreating to groups, cultures, political parties, nations, or religions. Not to mention the lie’s ploy of promoting diversity (the illusion of separation) under the auspices of advancement. We’re even prejudiced against the prejudiced. For goodness sake, we’re waging war on ourselves.

You might now wonder: How the heck did we get here? Well, to be fair, appearances are deceiving. Our culture is essentially built on the one thing—“I am a separate self living in a world of separate objects”—that, while it appears real, has never been experienced. And it pretty much discards the one thing—“I am Consciousness itself”—that, while it appears unreal, has always been experienced. Have you ever experienced the absence of Consciousness? Course not. (And if it occurs to you to counter, “while in deep sleep” or “under anesthesia,” how would you know that absence if Consciousness had ceased?) Have you ever experienced the absence of the body or self? Of course. (And if you’re questioning this assertion, please refer back to while in deep sleep or under anesthesia when you don't know that you are a body or self living in a world.) Consciousness has always been present. It doesn’t arise and fall with the body or the world. Therefore, who you have always been is Consciousness. All things arise and fall within you. All things are one with you. There’s no such thing as separation. And while at this stage it might seem a bit fuzzy, if, like I was called to do, you explore the genuine nature of experience—and are willing to question your closely held beliefs—you’ll see it too.

To be clear, the belief in separation, and the isolation and insecurity that spawns from this belief, does not require deliberate action. We don’t, for instance, need to try to come together as one; we don’t need dynamic appeals, team-building exercises, or charismatic preachers suggesting the methods through which to love one another or unite. This is the wheel-spinning mentioned earlier. What is not two cannot unite; what is already one need not come together. Merely recognizing separation as a belief is what destroys the belief—as well as the house of cards (the artificiality that dictates our lives) that teeters on top.

Last, as I often suggest, please don’t believe a word I’ve said here. Not one. Check in with your own experience. Do you know for certain that another person, an animal, or any object can exist without you? Has anything ever appeared outside of the whole or apart from you? Is separation true? Explore for yourself. If the exploration becomes daunting or too uncomfortable, then feel free to check in with me. Indeed, the separate self, a transient image or illusion within you, Consciousness, will kickback and fight for its apparent existence. The one thing it cannot stand is to be seen for what it really is.

But we’ve got this. Our number’s been called. With unwavering love and support, this is the time and place to rigorously explore who and what we are. To thirst for truth. To take a courageous look within and uncover what’s actually going on.

The primary belief has finally met its match. While the appearance may linger, the belief in separation will soon be erased.

A world of Peace—a world of one—is so within reach.

It is Here. It is Now.

Thank you for reading these words,